SVC – Static Var Compensation Equipment

Electrical energy prices and penalties for non-observance of standards motivate company managers to focus their attention on energy management. Products from ELEKTROTECHNIKA, a.s. help to solve the mentioned problems and thus eliminate harmful higher harmonics, and at the same time minimize idle network performance.

Construction of Static Var Compensation is based on extensive experience and unique technical designs. Our specialists have developed and successfully applied technology for direct connection to HV networks without a transformer, enabling the user to minimize occupied space as well as total acquisition and overhead costs. Effective solutions for direct air cooling of converters with heat pipes allows for dimensions and designs to be minimized, without external exchangers and water management.

Static Var Compensation has applications for large electrical energy consumers in the mining and manufacturing industries, in the field of railway transportation, and in steel works. The technology can be used with most electrical appliances, which produce an idle current of inductive character (e.g. asynchronous motors, transformers, induction and arc furnaces).