About us

Elektrotechnika, a.s. is a modern and dynamic company with a long tradition in the development and production of electrical equipment, especially semiconductor applications, focusing on the supply of goods and services solved through individual projects. We offer a technically optimal solution to minimize total costs in the case of an investment project, especially for the renovation or upgrading of existing facilities. Considerable attention is paid to customer services, which are inextricably linked to service, upgrades, spare parts and consultancy. The company is strongly focused on its own development, design, production, testing and servicing of equipment for orders, which require an individual approach to the technical solution of customer requirements. An inseparable part of approaching the customer's needs is the further development and expansion of the range of services, in the area of ​​consulting activities (eg processing of interim studies or energy audits prior to the start of the customer selection process), as well as providing fast operative service and revisions. Since its inception, the company has gained a number of significant references in almost all its activities.