HV power supplies for electrostatic precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators are used in a number of industrial processes to achieve low levels of particulate matter. This technology eliminates negative environmental impacts, mainly in terms of reducing harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

The main principle of electrostatic separation is to use attractive forces between electrically charged dust particles and the counter-charged collector electrode. These separators achieve the highest efficiency in operation (at least 98% trapped exhalate). Their operational stability is ensured by a high-quality power supply located near the separation chamber, and first-class control technology in the operator's premises. As part of our solution, we supply complete technology for electrostatic precipitators, including cabinets for power supply technology, technology control (shaking, heating, conveyors) and superior control system.

Electrostatic separation technology is used in various segments, for example in power plants for the separation of fly ash generated by coal combustion, municipal and industrial waste incinerators, cement kilns for lime kiln dust removal and in dust and flue gas removal plants - catalog

Parameters and designation of ZEOB sources:

Input power supply

220V + 500V / 50 + 60HZ

Max. no-load output voltage up to

92kV, 111kV nebo 150kV

Medium Output DC Current

150mA, 200mA, 500mA, 800mA, 1250mA, 1800mA, 2000mA

The standard equipment includes covers for the output isolators of high-voltage components in the version for direct connection to the beam of the electro-separator or for the connection of HV cable. The enclosures are equipped with a manual earthing switch as standard with end position switches.

Additional accessories:

  • high pressure vessel pressure indicator

  • single-source source control box with control and power supply of technological equipment of electro-separators (knocker motors, conveyors, EO damper servo drive, isolator heating, temperature control hoppers, EO lighting)