Production program

ELEKTROTECHNIKA, a.s. has a rich experience in the development and production of electrical engineering equipment, especially semiconductor applications, with a focus on delivering goods and services designed by means of individual projects. We offer a technically optimal design which takes into account the minimization of total investment costs, especially in the case of renovation or modernization of existing equipment.

The ELEKTROTECHNIKA, a.s. production program includes:

  • static Var Compensation (SVC)
  • regulated electro drives
  • control system
  • exchanges for PT and railway transport
  • HV-sources for electrostatic precipitators
  • complex deliveries of technological junctions
  • special performance electronics applications
  • service and testing lab

Solutions for industry sectors:

Mining and metallurgy

  • Regulated drives for rolling mills and mining machinery
  • Drives for pumps, fans and compressors
  • Aplications for metal heating and melting processes

Gas, oil and chemical

  • Regulation of compressors, fans and pumps
  • Regulation of special resources for electrolysis processes
  • Renovations and modernizations of compressor stations
  • Modernizations of various operations in chemical plants

Energy and ecology

  • Regulated drives for starting and regulating the r.p.m's of fans and pumps
  • Static Var Compensator to improve the quality of energy in power grids
  • Reduce the negative environmental impacts - for example - electrostatic precipitation technology

Infrastructure and manufacturing

  • Transformer stations with variable designs for tram and trolleybus
  • Transformer stations with variable designs for subways and railways
  • Technologies for filtration and compensation of negative phenomena in traction networks

We provide our partners and customers with comprehensive solutions focused on the supply of lower technology nodes in all our areas of activity in Europe, Asia and other territories.

Our activity starts by consulting during an investment project and preparing a study, analysis and project documentation. It continues with production and installation, including engineering, and ends with ongoing care for the delivered technological unit, with participation in periodic renovations, modifications and modernizations.

ELEKTROTECHNIKA, a.s. offers various options for self-financing or co-financing of select projects.