Applications, Heatsinks and accessories

ELEKTROTECHNIKA, a.s. has a long term tradition in development and production of electrical equipment, especially semiconductor applications. The company expanded its production and business activities on the range of:

APPLICATIONS - download catalog

  • Power semiconductor units PSU- Power semiconductor units are assemblies of semiconductor devices and heatsinks in various electrical connections which are supplemented by accessories like ventilators, control units, overvoltage and commutating protections, temperature sensors, insulators, fuses, air tunnels etc.
  • Custom-design PSU - assemblies consisted of power semiconductor devices and heatsinks in various electrical wirings designed and constructed according to the requirements of customers.
  • GU 3391 control unit for tyristors - GU 3391 unit is designed for exciting of a couple of antiparallel-connected thyristors. It can be used in systems of regulation of one or three phase load. The unit is operated by input controlling voltage. Each of thyristors is controlled independently.
  • GU 4000 control unit for tyristors- JGU 4000 unit is designed for control of a couple of antiparallel-connected thyristors. It can be also used for easy construction of solid state relays. Controlling can be done by AC or DC voltage. GU 4000 unit can be also used for phase controlling of power.
  • Power semiconductor converters - Power semiconductor converters include power semiconductor devices, heatsinks and control units. Basic type families can be modified according to the specific customer requirements. GTO or IGCT thyristors are applied as active controlled devices. Efficient cooling of semiconductor devices is provided on the basis of heat pipes with forced air cooling.

Typical fields of the applications: Phase-controlled voltage converters, Electronic switches, Traction pulse power converters for DC motors, Power inverter for asynchronous motor.

HEATSINKS - download catalog

  • Air heatsinks for stud base devices (L65, L100, L140)
  • Air heatsinks for single side tablet type devices cooling (L65, L100, L140, M100, M150)
  • Air heatsinks for double side tablet type devices cooling (E130, E200, M100, M150, U200, W200)
  • Air heatsinks for modules (L65, L100, L140, L280, Q120, T30, R40, R80, Y80, Y120, Y160, Y220)
  • Heatsinks with heat pipes (ALTRA 60, ALTRA 100)
  • Liquid cooled heatsinks (K2 type 92.)


  • Mounting clamps for double-sided cooling (MCD)
  • Mounting clamps for one-sided cooling (MCS)


  • Terminal straps, Aluminium T-nuts, square nuts, elastic elements, Mounting insulators, Overvoltage protection circuits